Warning. Not nice to watch!

A few weeks ago I was printing some new parts for my inMoov robot. It was time to make some progress again. But… i was doing some vacuum cleaning and the power cord was wrapped around my inMoov robot. I am still wondering how this happened, but it few down hard. The pieces were al over the place.


img_7696 img_7695 img_7694 img_7690

As you can see on the pictures a lot of parts a really broken. PLA is a nice material to printĀ and very hard when it’s printed. I still have to figure out what part have to beĀ reprinted, but I already started with the parts on the lower torso, because al these parts are broken.

I think inMoov was a little top heavy and the stand was not stable enough. The side to side stability was OK, but front to back bot. At first it was no problem I guess, but when adding the arms a lot off weight was added. I have to find another solution for this before I build it again.



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