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Eye Mechanism inMoov robot

Wow. Time flies when you having fun. This website is about my the things I build in my free time. Last 2 years where very intense at work and in my private life. Now...


Nervo Boards

The summertime was not the best time to work on my inMoov robot, because of outdoor activities. But now it is getting cold and the Dutch weather is keeping me inside. It is time...


GP2D12 Project added

On the last day of the year I managed to add a new project after a long time. This little project is all about the GP2D12 sensor. With this sensor you can measure the distance to...


Update on the Wireless Arduino Project

I got a remark from Johan because he found out that you have to disconnect the APC220 before uploading the sketch. I have added it to project page.  http://www.swanrobotics.com/Wireless_Arduino


New project with Arduino

Today I published a small project to measure voltage with an Arduino. This has great use for checking the battery of your mobile robot. See http://www.swanrobotics.com/projects/voltagedivider/ for the article.


Published Article on Fritzing.org

The Arduino wireless APC220 project is now published on http://Fritzing.org to share it to a broader public. See http://fritzing.org/projects/wireless-arduino-with-apc220.