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This weekend my Ultimaker delivered 4 parts. The first part was the LowarmsideV1. I also did this part last weekend, but now I printed it with a square potentiometer mount. The designer of the inMoov, Gael Langevin pointed me to this piece on last week. You can find this design on Thingiverse at I like it, because with the left arm I had to modify the hole with my Dremel.



In the picture above you can see from left to right and from top to bottom the following pieces.

  • elbowshaftgearV1
  • robpart5V3
  • LowarmsideV1
  • pistonbaseantiV1

The robpart5V3 is a part for the lower arm and took me over 11 hours to print. I want a nice result so it takes a while. The result is nice. I only removed the print support from the robpart5V3. The parts came out the printer as shown on the picture.

Be sure you check the website from Gael Langevin at


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