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PIR module on the inMoov Robot

The inMoov will be fitted with a PIR module. This Passive Infrared Sensor measures the infrared light radiates from object it’s pointed at. A PIR module can be used to detect if somebody is...

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Nervo Boards

The summertime was not the best time to work on my inMoov robot, because of outdoor activities. But now it is getting cold and the Dutch weather is keeping me inside. It is time...

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inMoov has a Chest

The world is unfair. My Ultimaker printer had to do more then 70 hours of printing and it took me only 1 hour to put the parts on the inMoov robot. ūüėČ Below you...

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Schoulder Inmoov

The shoulder of the inMoov robot exists of several parts. In this post I describe the build of the parts responsible for the up and down motion of the arm en the back and...

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InMoov follows own progress

A nice picture of my InMoov robot following it’s own progress.   Can you guess what part the Ultimaker is making? Be sure you check the website from¬†Gael Langevin at www.inmoov.fr.

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2 weekend print result

Because of a holiday ¬†in Turkey I could not print for one week and wasn’t able to share the results with you. The picture shows a lot of parts.¬†From left to right and from...

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More prints

This weekend my Ultimaker delivered 4 parts. The first part was the LowarmsideV1. I also did this part last weekend, but now I printed it with a square potentiometer mount. The designer of the...

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4 parts of inMoov robot

The Ultimaker Original printed 4 parts from the inMoov Robot this weekend. I wanted to do 2 more parts, but somehow I did not planned it very well. On the picture you can see the...

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3 day weekend print

This weekend it was Easter and in the Nederlands it’s an official national holiday. This means that we have an extra day of free time on Monday. And what can you do when you...

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Servo hack 2

I wrote an article¬†(Servo hack) about how to hack a servo for¬†use in the inMoov Robot a while ago. I did a few servo’s back then. Today I did a few more and there...